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Apply for Life Insurance online In Nepal - Metlife Insurance

You can apply for life insurance online in Nepal which is solely provided by Met life insurance Nepal. You can fill the form which is given below and apply for life insurance online Nepal or contact 9840525565 for further details Application for Life Insurance In Nepal Accurate completion of the application is essential in life insurance. Together with any statements made to the medical examiner by the applicant, the Application forms the basis of the contact between the client and the company. Inaccurate or inconsiderate completion of the application could cause undesirable consequences. Primary Factors taken in consideration for applying life insurance online In nepal The Application Form should be completed very clearly and it should be written in dark ink. The following points are to be noted while applying for life insurance in Nepal: It must be completed at the time of discussion between the agent and the proposed insured or applicant if he is other than the proposed insured. All
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Health Insurance In Nepal Social Health Security Program In Nepal

 Health Insurance In Nepal or The Social Health Security Program (SHSP) is a social security program of the Government of Nepal who intends to empower its citizens to get quality healthcare services without putting a financial burden on these. The families, communities and authorities are involved in this system or health insurance in Nepal. SHSP helps stop individuals from falling into poverty because of healthcare costs i.e. catastrophic cost because of injuries or disease by blending prepayment and risk pooling with mutual assistance. This program also urges towards quality health care services. This system tries to deal with obstacles in health service usage and ensure fairness and accessibility of poor and disadvantaged groups as a way to attain Universal Health Coverage. Health Insurance in Nepal an Overview A historical initiative to health insurance in Nepal started from 1976 through United Mission to Nepal (UMN) as Lalitpur Medical Insurance Scheme from Ashrang, that was later

Best Life Insurance Policy In Nepal - Life Insurance Policy Nepal

Best Life Insurance Policy In Nepal - Life Insurance Policy Nepal Best Life Insurance Policy in Nepal Is provided by Metlife insurance policy Nepal You can read the following best life insurance policy from metlife and contact 9840525565 for doing life insurance online In Nepal Following are some of the best Life Insurance policy In Nepal 1 . Best Life Insurance Policy in Nepal - Personal Accident Insurance Coverage rider This life insurance policy in Nepal  helps to provide coverage against the financial losses due to personal accident .   Life insurance company will pay all the remaining premium if you are permanently disabled or if death of insurer occurs untimely before the maturation of policy then the remaining sum has not to be paid .  For further information please click this link to read further   Personal Accident Insurance coverage Rider   2 . Best Life Insurance Policy in Nepal for Employee - Employee Benefit Life Insurance Plan This life insurance Policy in Nepal is for em

Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal - Travel Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal   International Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal, whether on vacation or business, can turn into a nightmare if one experiences contingencies like loss of baggage, loss of passport, delay in flight, medical emergency etc.  Such eventualities will surely take the fun away from travelling in Nepal. Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal, also referred to as visitor insurance, covers one against unseen medical and non medical emergencies during overseas travel in Nepal ensuring a worry free travel in Nepal.  Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal protects the insured against misfortunes while travelling backed up by travel insurance, the whole experience is like no other. Different types of travel insurance policies include: Individual Travel policy Family Travel Policy Student Travel Insurance Senior Citizens Travel Policy In addition to the above mentioned travel medical insurance in Nepal, some travel medical insurance companies in Nepal,  offer special plans l

Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Metlife Insurance

Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal Following are the alico insurance company branches in Nepal according to different places Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - kathmandu Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Bouddha kathmandu ward no 6 Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Kantipath  ward no 30 Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Minbhawan ward no 10 Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Putalisadak ward no 33 Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Thamel ward no 29  Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Ravi Bhawan Kalanki Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Thapathali Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Lalitpur Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Jawalakhel ward No 13 Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Bhaktapur Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - ward No 1 sipadol , suryabinayak Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Eastern Nepal Alico Insurance Company Branches In Nepal - Biratnagar

Motor Insurance - knock for knock in motor insurance

1.MOTOR INSURANCE Motor insurance covers all damages and liability to a vehicle against various on - road and off - road emergencies. A comprehensive policy even secures against damage caused by natural and man- made calamities, including acts of terrorism. Motor insurance offers protection to the vehicle owner against: Damage to the vehicle It also Pays for any third party liability determined by law against the owner of the vehicle. Motor Insurance is Mandatory around the globe and needs to be renewed every year. Driving a motor vehicle without insurance in a public place is punishable offence. In fact third party insurance is a statutory requirement in our country i.e., the owner of vehicle is legally liable for any injury or damage caused to a third party life or property, by or arising out of the use of the vehicle in a public place. A comprehensive motor insurance policy would include personal accident and liability only policy (third party Insurance) in addition to own damage co

What is General Insurance and Six types of general Insurance?

Introduction to General Insurance  Insurance contracts that do not come under the ambit of life insurance are called general Insurance. The different forms of general insurance are fire, marine, motor, accident and other miscellaneous non life Insurance. Six Types of General Insurance Six general Types of Insurance are given below: Motor Insurance Health Insurance Travel Insurance Home Insurance Marine Insurance Commercial Insurance SIX TYPES OF INSURANCE ARE FURTHER DESCRIBED BELOW 1.MOTOR INSURANCE Motor Insurance can be divided into two groups, one is car Four wheeler Insurance and Other is two wheeler Insurance. 2.HEALTH INSURANCE Common types of health insurance includes, individual health insurance, family floater health insurance, comprehensive health insurance and critical illness insurance. You can go through this Life shield Health Insurance in Nepal  ,  Personal Accident Insurance coverage Rider     and view different policies of health Insurance. 3.TRAVEL INSURANCE Travel

Meaning And Importance of Non Life Insurance

Meaning And Importance of Non Life Insurance Non - Life Insurance is also called General Insurance, which includes automobile and homeowners policies.  It provides payment depending on the loss from a particular financial event. Non- Life Insurance typically comprise any insurance that is not determined to be Life Insurance. Non - Life insurance is also called property and casualty Insurance in the U.S. and canada and same non life insurance in continental Europe. Non - Life Insurance is basically an insurance policy to protect an individual against losses and damages other than those covered by Life Insurance.  The coverage period for most non - life insurance policies and plans is usually one year, whereby premiums are normally paid on a one time basis. The risk that are covered by non - life Insurance is Property loss (stolen car or burnt house), liability arising from damage caused by an individual to a third party, accidental death or injury.  What are the products of non - life I

7 Functions of Insurance - Basic Functions of Insurance

7 Functions Of Insurance Following are the 7 functions of insurance: To provide Protection To Provide Certainty Distribution of Risk Helps in Economic Progress Insurance Prevents Loss A forced Saving Promote Foreign Trade What are the three basic functions of  insurance? Insurance becomes very useful in today's life. It plays significant role in the competitive era. According to sir William Beveridge the functions of Insurance can be divided into following three categories: Primary Functions Secondary Functions Indirect Functions 1.Primary Functions To Provide protection - The most Important function of insurance is to provide protection against risk of loss. It is one check the reality of the misfortunate happening and pays the cost of damages of losses. To provide Certainty - The future is totally uncertain. Any misfortune happening may occur at any stage of life. The amount of loss and time of losses both are uncertain. Insurance provides certainly towards the losses. The poli

History of Insurance In the world - Brief History of Insurance

History of insurance in the world The history of insurance in the world is associated with the general history of insurance in the world and its growth, trade and commerce.  The origin of insurance services may be traced back to 14th Century in Italy When ships carrying goods were covered under different perils. Thus marine insurance become oldest insurance in the world. The systematic and orderly beginning of the insurance industry took place in UK at Lloyds coffee house in Tower Street in London.  In developing countries, insurance sector has assumed special significance as it has the potential to speed up the rate of growth of the economy in several ways. Primarily, it acts as mobiliser of savings, financial intermediary promoter of investment activity, stabilizer of financial market, risk manager and an agent to allocate capital resources efficiently. Although the insurance industry has grown rapidly in the industrialized countries. Its growth in developing countries has neither be

Top Insurance Company In Nepal

Top insurance company in Nepal After reestablishment of democracy, Nepal also implemented the protection of privatization and economic liberalization and globalization. Because the Country was following economic liberalization, the first sort acts were amended and new Insurance Act 2049 was introduced. The number of insurance company in nepal is gradually increasing with each coming year.                                             How many Insurance Company are there in Nepal? Currently there are 40 insurance companies in Nepal while numerous companies are in the pipeline waiting for the government nod to operate their facilities in the near future. Reason behind the mushrooming of the insurance company in Nepal is negligible percentage  coverage of the population and untapped aspect of insurance policies. List of insurance company in Nepal   as of today are as follows: American Life Insurance Company Limited (MetLife) Asian Life Insurance Company Limited Citizen L