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Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal - Travel Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal

International Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal, whether on vacation or business, can turn into a nightmare if one experiences contingencies like loss of baggage, loss of passport, delay in flight, medical emergency etc. 

Such eventualities will surely take the fun away from travelling in Nepal.

travel medical insurance in nepal

Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal, also referred to as visitor insurance, covers one against unseen medical and non medical emergencies during overseas travel in Nepal ensuring a worry free travel in Nepal. 

Travel Medical Insurance In Nepal protects the insured against misfortunes while travelling backed up by travel insurance, the whole experience is like no other.

Different types of travel insurance policies include:
  • Individual Travel policy
  • Family Travel Policy
  • Student Travel Insurance
  • Senior Citizens Travel Policy

In addition to the above mentioned travel medical insurance in Nepal, some travel medical insurance companies in Nepal,  offer special plans like a corporate travel policy or comprehensive policy for travel to special destinations like Nepal.



Yes, you need travel insurance for Nepal in order to have insurance while travelling Nepal and the resulting circumstances may come while travelling. You may have altitude sickness or nay kind of poor health condition can lead you to death also.

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